Alison Capra is an adventure photographer, devoted to telling the stories that take her behind the scenes, off the grid, and up the next mountain. Alison spent the last 15 year traveling the world and experiencing new cultures. Her passion is for the outdoors, people, and art in all forms.  Alison is a partner of Alexander Industries in Eastern North, Carolina. She is a film school graduate from Full Sail University. She is a writer, photographer, videographer, digital media and marketing specialist with 14 years of experience in the industry. It is her goal to stay trained, active, and vigilant for the rest of her life as she pursues adventures around the world.

Ali is the author of How Not To Be a Miserable Cow. A Guide to Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness. She is a producer, videographer and editor for Nick Koumalatsos adventure YOUTUBE channel.

Whether you are interested in capturing your next epic adventure, or in need of an independent business solution; helping small businesses take the next step with their vision through finding their own brand, niche market and creative business strategy is her goal.

Fresh Training, Structure and Creative Concepts make Alison your indie business solution.