Holidays are here, but have no fear. I’ve come up with some seriously great ideas for what to get for all the babes this year. These are just a few of my new favorite things! Each Year Nick and I pick four things for each other from the following categories:



We shop this way to keep us from over-spending around the holidays. As well as to give each other things we can ACTUALLY USE all year! I put all of my holiday gift items into one of those catagories! Hope you find something special for the BABES in your life!

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WHY I'M NOT A FEMINIST by Alison Capra

Women throughout our history have changed the way we operate in America. WE being women. We have a voice, we have rights, we can drive, we can vote, we have rights to do whatever we want with our lives in this country. These women fought a battle for us that has seemingly been one of the largest things separating us from 2nd and 3rd world countries.

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"I'm NEVER Getting Married Again!" by Alison Capra

I got married for the first time at 19, mostly because I wanted to have my entire life mapped out before I started living it. Seems strange right, I am a free-spirit, artistic, gypsy right? Well the truth is, as much as I love to travel, enjoy life, and wear bright orange.... I also really enjoy control. I enjoy feeling like I am IN-CHARGE of the direction the wind blows me. Welp, lesson learned. We are NEVER in charge. God, the Universe, LIFE - whatever you wanna call it, lets us make choices; but knows that other individuals make bad ones too that effect us, and things just HAPPEN that will ALWAYS be outside of our control. Just like a public shitter.

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Active Road to Recovery by Alison Capra

The first few years I spent learning to live life sober. Even driving was a task. Being intimate with a women was almost like I was a virgin again because I hadn’t done it sober very often in my life. Emotions were brand new. I didn’t like feeling sad or angry or anxious. Any time I felt that before I drank to feel happy only. I went to AA to ask for answers on how to deal with emotions that weren’t happy because I just didn’t understand that it could be done successfully. I didn’t understand that you could navigate and control negative thoughts and emotions. I also didn’t understand that I wasn’t the only one in the world that had problems. I thought I was special.

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Miserable? - Get Off Your Ass by Alison Capra

I remember wishing everyday that my life would fast forward. That each day would pass faster because I was so miserable. I felt so empty without my stepsons. It was a huge transition to part ways after never being without them more than a day in 6 years. I cried myself to sleep almost every night. I struggled the worst around holidays. I just wanted them to be over. I hated everything about them.  I always felt like the universe treated me unfairly. Like I had been given a bad hand. Life was hard and unfair and nothing I had worked for had panned out.

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Through the Fire by Alison Capra

There are many very important lessons that we learn through the hardest times in our lives. That is IF we actually decide to walk through the fire. It will always be easier to numb the pain. In fact I spent a good portion of my life "numbing the pain" But if we choose to let ourselves grieve, deepen our perspective, and burn, really burn in the darkest hours of our lives, we will come out stronger than before.

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