Through the Fire by Alison Capra

There are many very important lessons that we learn through the hardest times in our lives. That is IF we actually decide to walk through the fire. It will always be easier to numb the pain. In fact I spent a good portion of my life "numbing the pain" But if we choose to let ourselves grieve, deepen our perspective, and burn, really burn in the darkest hours of our lives, we will come out stronger than before.

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The CURE for MAD COW Disease - Thankfulness by Alison Capra

We thought we were just "venting" But complaining is validating, it's assuring you that every thought that pops into your brain is worth sharing and repeating. Your temporal frustrations are TRUTH. Your conditions are your REALITY. Your FEELINGS are the most important thing on the planet.

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So there I was, in my mid twenties, laying in my bed at 11 am in a cold dark room wrapped up like a burrito in a pile of covers. The sun was peaking through the cracks in the tattered sheets I draped over my windows. I hadn't showered in a couple days, my hair had seemingly become a nest for little creatures. No eating, no sleeping, I was just drinking and crying. My nightstand was covered with gnarly tissues and my face only a swollen distorted resemblance of my former self.

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So... You're a Whiney Bitch? by Alison Capra

Webster's definition of EMOTION is a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with other. State of mind, means subject to change. We have all seen the feelings chart. We typically use them as a tool to help children identify their feelings. However, I truly believe we have placed all too much significance feelings.

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5 Reasons You Have RESTING BITCH FACE by Nicholas Koumalatsos

I am hoping that THIS blog is one that can help each of us identify the most silent but deadly phycological killers of them all : DISCONTENTMENT

I am sure there are a million different contributing factors to the emotional dissatisfaction of our culture. But, here are my TOP 5 REASONS YOU ARE DISCONTENT.

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Guaranteed is No Destination by Alison Capra

"It was the straying that found the path direct..."  -Austin Osman Spare

There are two things in this life of which I am quite certain. 

1. The path you think that you are taking will most likely not lead you to your final destination.

2. If it does, it might not be exactly where you wanted to go.

In my early twenties I read a story that helped me process life as I knew it. It was called "Birds.. Letting Life Happen" Now, I don't remember the author, or exactly how it went. But I do remember, that the idea was if you spent your time trying to catch a bird, your hands would be constantly grasping, reaching and closed. And if you spent your time on your tippy toes, reaching for something that was meant to be free and trying to bring it into captivity, you would very well miss much of your precious time enjoying life. IF, However, you simply stood still and calm, enjoying the grass as your feet, the cool breeze, and the path you were taking... Perhaps the bird would land on you, in her own time.

The story impacted me greatly. So much, in fact... I got a tattoo of birds traveling around my arm to remind me to LET LIFE HAPPEN. Does this mean to sit around and do nothing? Absolutely not. But what it DOES mean is that each and every person should spend less time trying to control the circumstances around them, and MORE time enjoying the journey.

STOP trying to force your life forward. As my mom always said "You can't squeeze blood from a turnip." No matter how hard you try, there will be certain people in your life that can truly only give you JUST that... a special time in your life.

There will be people who you can love. But only love so far.

There will be jobs and things you do, that you can only do for a season.

You will GROW past people, friends, and even family. This is is all part of the journey.

I encourage you only to live in the present, enjoy the journey, break away from what you cannot change. Be grateful for the experiences you have had, and remember: WORK HARD and LET LIFE HAPPEN.

-Alison Capra