Notes from the Photographer / by Alison Capra

“If we are not fully ourselves, truly in the present moment, we miss everything.”                            -Thich Nhat Hanh

Ever wonder if you are truly present in every moment?

For a large part of my life I've felt like I am watching a screenplay of my own life... present only for personal thought provoking commentary behind the scenes (in my head). Maybe that is why I make a pretty good photographer. I still remember the first time I heard the term "fly on the wall" referring to photojournalism. It just sounded right. I can stick myself in the mix of someone else's world, and capture a little bit of their happiness from behind layers of glass.

I love my job. But I don't want to miss anything. I don't want to miss my own life. I want to live VIBRANTLY in every moment. Sometimes it's hard for a "thinker" to keep herself fully involved in every situation of life. Experiencing all of the good stuff. Finding yourself... your passion... your brand... the place you fit.

I believe as the years go by, we can get so caught up with being busy,  social media, the day to day tasks. We forget to be connected with our lives, our relationships, and our heart.

I challenge you, as I challenge myself. Don't forget to connect with your life, your dreams, your passion, your art, your music, your heart, your little people, your friends, your mate and your GOD. Take the time to listen, watch, and enjoy.

One life. That's all we've got. Don't miss everything.