PROs and CONS For Getting Older / by Alison Capra


Just a few thoughts to get you through your day.

My friends and I (and I'm sure most of you) celebrate our thirties much differently than our twenties. My 21st birthday was celebrated with fake lashes, and heels and expensive cocktails at bars downtown, with loud music, sweaty dancing and memories only in photos as we couldn't remember much the next day.My 30th birthday was celebrated on the floor in my best friend's living room, with sweat pants, a tiara, take-out and lots of whiskey.



Yes, life has changed sooo much. Careers, Kids, Hormones.... EVERYTHING has changed you.  Seems as though every bit of youthful luster you seem to lose, your male partner seems to gain in overall smolder. Men age much sexier than women but there are some POSITIVES to consider that may just OUTWEIGH your cons. Check it out:


1. CON: You have lost the ability to hold your liquor.   Yep, two vodka sodas give you a hangover the size of Texas and you cannot function until noon without a cheeseburger and fries the following day.

1. PRO: Because can no longer hold your liquor, you drink less. Giving you a much more productive morning. (Well, hopefully...) A sloppy 22 year old is sort of cute. A sloppy 35 year old is gross.

2. CON: You're losing the ability to blend in the crowd at clubs, concerts, and big events full of young people. Typically, you are the resident parent at such functions for when something bad happens in one of those "need an adult" moments.

2. PRO: It's a sign the world takes you seriously. You are now a symbol of stability. Who really wants to blend in anyways?


3. CON: You don't have time for summer road trips with your friends anymore. The breeze in your hair, the crazy pitstops, the music turned all the way up... the stuff dreams were made of, and it's all fading away!

3. PRO: You can now afford to FLY to meet your friends for a getaway weekend... maybe even economy comfort. You may not have time to drive cross country. But now, you can spend more time on activities!


4. CON: You are dragging ass in workouts. Every single tire flip is taking every ounce of energy you've got! Staying in shape is twice as hard as it used to be.

4. PRO: Remember when you were running and lifting as a twenty year old, and that little voice inside your head just kept harassing you to quit. "Just take a break, get some water, this is exhausting" Your body could have gone for days but you brain gave up on you. Well guess what... your age has made you mentally tougher, stronger and more determined. Now, you will only quit when your body gives out. Something to be said for hard-work and determination. Work twice as hard, but now are twice as proud of yourself when you finish.

5. CON: Your body is changing, your skin is changing, hell even your hair is changing.

5. PRO: Now you can afford upgrades. ;) And if you can't today, save for them! I saved for 12 whole months to pay for my boob job! I paid cash the day of surgery. I gotta say it felt really good to earn something and pay for it myself, I didn't even need a sugar daddy. Just remember, you are beautiful just the way you are. If you are getting upgrades because you think they will leave you feeling fulfilled.... I'll tell you this from experience, they won't. Do your thang!

6. CON: You feel like you're out of touch with what the kids are talking about on the TUBEs.

6. PRO: You still remember what it feels like to physically ROLL down your window and crank up the gangster rap. 

Don't worry my friends. 30s are just fine. You're as old as you feel! DON'T BE MISERABLE COWS. Just enjoy the journey. You are stronger, more capable, and have more grit than the generations after you. Take care of yourselves.

I wanna hear your "GETTING OLDER" stories! Drop them in the comments!