Trip of a Lifetime - Iceland / by Alison Capra

It's rediculous isn't it? Like something from a movie or an ad. Our trip to Iceland 2017 was the trip of a lifetime. Our good friend Matt Vincent and his wife Ashely invited us to come with them to their very special place. Iceland

Stokkur, Geyser

We spent 10 days driving around the entire country of Iceland. We ate everywhere from gas stations to gourmet restaurants. We slept in in sleeping bags and we slept in 5 star hotels. Everything about this trip is about being flexible. Days of driving to the next great adventure, places like Strokkur, Geyser,  a fountain geyser located in a geothermal area beside the Hvítá River in Iceland

24 Hours of Daylight sounds a little daunting but it was the most amazing way to take advantage of every scenic and beautiful wonder that Iceland had to offer. We were able to visit places like Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall) at midnight!

Gullfoss, Iceland

Nick Koumalatsos, Marine Raider, Adventure Blogger


I really had no idea what to expect but my boyfrind, Nick Koumalatsos and I, set out to Vlog every bit of our adventure. We packed like champs. Including our gear: Sony A7s, Canon5D Mark2, Sony A6300, Joby with Cinetics feet, and DJI Drone. Couldn't have been a more spectacular plan. We really got to bring our trip to life with imagery.

The most breathtaking and amazing part of my trip was Dynjandi Falls. I never knew such an epic place existed. Known as the Jewel of the West Fjords, the water cascades around 99 meters. The top is 30 meters and it widens to 60 meters on bottom. A scenic journey to the top, with 6 other waterfalls on the way up. Be prepared for a wet, hike 200 meters to the top.

Dynjandi Falls, Iceland

We got Icelandic Rune tattoos and kaffi in Akureyri. Drinks and sushi in Reykjavik. And a jeep full of memories a long the way. Every single moment is forever captured in my brain. I am beyond blessed and thankful I got to make such memories in my life. Life is tight if you an live it!

Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri, Iceland

West Fjords

Siglufjörður, Icleand