International Women's Day / by Alison Capra


Happy #internationalwomensday to all awesome women out there crushing their goals.

Lets look at today as more of a celebration of what we represent to one another, instead of a feminist outcry for attention.


Remember, We aren't better than men, we are the perfect fit to raise and care for them. that's a gift! Cherish all the men in your life! <3



Make today a personal challenge and remind yourself WHO YOU are! Strong, beautiful, and badass in every way! No one can love, comfort coach or teach like you can!

Remember to enjoy the journey, let go of fears, failures and offenses.Live free. Share yourself with the world.

Remember that to be  good women we must truly understand respect, boundaries, honor and love.


Pick EACH OTHER UP on your messy journeys. Love and forgive each other. Love and forgive yourselves!

And always remember, there is no one like you on the planet.