Through the Fire / by Alison Capra

“Listen for the lyrics that life wants to write with you.”

We all have a story to tell. Maybe even a song to write. I read this quote today and it inspired me.

In my painful past; in the hardest times of my life I remember waking up and feeling very alone. I remember feeling like nothing would ever change. I used to lay on the floor and beg God for something to change. Now I see, I had the ability to make that change. Even though I didn't fee like it at the time. Those times were only a part of the song.  The slow part of the song in the beginning before the chorus or the key change or even a chord progression.

There are many very important lessons that we learn through the hardest times in our lives. That is IF we actually decide to walk through the fire. It will always be easier to numb the pain. In fact I spent a good portion of my life "numbing the pain" But if we choose to let ourselves grieve, deepen our perspective, and burn, really burn in the darkest hours of our lives, we will come out stronger than before.


Life isn’t fair. Life isn’t kind or merciful. One of my good friend's is going through a very difficult time. No, fuck that. One of my good friend's lost her husband suddenly in a tragic accident and she is going through the most difficult time in her life. But she is motivated. Motivated to do all the things that would make him proud. Every day she wakes up with that sense of purpose. This week, I watched her emerge herself in the fire and I have never been more inspired in my life. Her courage is captivating.

To anyone going through the darkness. Do not give up. There are incredible things waiting on the other side. Do not be afraid to feel.