HOW I STARTED OVER .... AGAIN / by Alison Capra

I am writing this today because it is Good Friday, and I believe SOMEONE needs to read my story of rebirth.

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Five years ago I had no idea what I was gonna do with my skill set, where I was going to lay my head, or where I would find my new tribe. I was going through my second divorce. After a year of trying to make it work in Kansas City, I decided a move was in the cards and the best thing for my well being. I left everything I had, my home, my family, my friends, and my stepsons. I had a suitcase full of clothes, no money in my bank account, and on my 30th Birthday I crashed on a friend’s couch with a bottle of cinnamon whiskey in my hand. I made my way to North Carolina. Starting over was exciting.... but I was completely fried. 

People often talk about their 5 year plan. To me it seemed silly. How can you plan what’s going to happen to you? The truth is, you can’t. Even if you play your cards right, even if you follow the 10 Commandments, GIRL CODE, and Arnold’s Encyclopedia for Modern Body Building, life just HAPPENS. Bad stuff happens to good people every single day. Spouses cheat. Best friend’s die. And terrorist attacks happen. In other words, things come to an end, marriages, relationships, families….

How can you plan your life with so many variables?

Well folks, here’s my 2 cents: 

You can’t  (but you can choose some things.) My “PLAN” consists of living everyday to the fullest, developing myself whole-heartedly so that I can passionately live my dreams. Building lasting relationships by creating connections and continuing to see them through.  The pain and shame that surrounded my life after my second divorce was draining the life out of my veins. I moved to the Island hoping it would help me feel alive. I had no one. I was alone. I had nothing. All I wanted to do was hide in my basement studio and drink or cry. But instead, every single day I chose to get out of bed, go to the gym, get my camera out and create. I chose to work as hard as I could towards professional goals. And I chose to make friends. It was the daily commitment to my goals that kept me afloat.


If you asked me 5 years ago if I would see myself HERE…? There was no way. Then, I was just trying to make it through each day. But, NOW, I own 6 businesses. I run media for all of them. I now am able to provide jobs for 13 incredible team members and I can honestly say we are a family. I have the most amazing team on the planet. I am a self-published author. I made it to the Amazon Best Seller List my first month! I am the media director for a very large non-profit and its largest programs. I am not in perfect shape but I spend 2 hours a day working on my fitness and health goals. Am I bragging? Sort of I guess… Mostly I am just filling the universe with gratitude because for the first time in my life I am exactly where I belong. 

Every single success I have is and incredible demonstration of God’s work in my life, and the AMAZING team I have. It DID NOT happen overnight.

 It was the culmination of energy, hard work and consistency. Choosing to see the best in people and then allowing people to grow into their full potential.


I AM SO THANKFUL I STUCK WITH LIFE. I am so thankful I chose to enjoy my journey. There were days that the only thing I enjoyed about my journey was a song that came on the radio. But I held on to that. It kept me motivated. I am so thankful for these amazing people in my life!

If you are struggling. If you are starting over, get connected. Find ways to keep yourself busy. Take charge of your own happiness. Put yourself in positive places. Surround yourself by good people who want the best for you. Connect with your maker. Happy Easter My friends.