GIFT GUIDE FOR BABES / by Alison Capra

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Holidays are here, but have no fear. I’ve come up with some seriously great ideas for what to get for all the babes year. These are just a few of my new favorite things!

At Christmas Nick and I pick four things for each other from the following categories:



We shop this way to keep us from over-spending around the holidays. As well as to give each other things we can ACTUALLY USE all year! I put all of my holiday gift items into one of those catagories! Hope you find something special for the BABES in your life!

If you are looking for some quick gifts to rack up some prime points. Check out my full Holiday Gift Guide on Amazon

WANT: Kamis are my style shades.This oversized aviator is available with mirror colors of gold-to-silver, blue-to-silver, or silver-to-grey, and each is offset by a complementary frontal trim color on the frame. and POLARIZED.

READ: How NOT to be a Miserable Cow - A gypsy's guide to life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Too often we release "bad behavior" to personality types or even our upbringing. On my quest for personal growth, I have identified several traits making us ugly people, and if we refuse to identify them within ourselves we will become a Miserable Cows. Find out how to enjoy the journey on your pursuit of happiness!

FEMFIT 16 Week Female Training Program  - Available for PRE-SALE

NEED: It is finally here! The fitness program that will change your life! The perfect combination of intensity and recovery for any female body type at any age or fitness level. Pre-Order this book and your program will ship in time for New Years.

WEAR: These new kicks are hot! Under Armor Training shoes are my absolute favorites!

NEED: If you are working out, you are gonna need some REAL support. Best bra I’ve ever put my ta'tas in!

WANT: Need a reminder? Every day while you’re drinking your coffee, remind yourself How NOT to be a Miserable Cow! Enjoy the journey with a hot cup of Afternoon Delight

Be a BABE. Don’t be a Miserable Cow.

WANT: Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee. Roasted hazelnuts at their exotic best, paired with a hint of sweet coconut! Also available as a giftset with your favorite Miserable Cow MUG!

WANT: Fill the universe with gratitude! Give a set of Thank You stationery to the BABES in your life!

NEED: Prevents dry skin and clogged pores, Fights the aging of skin (Free Radicals), Minimizes the appearance of cellulite, Provides stress relieving aromatherapy. Made with A COFFEE COMPANY REBEL SCUM Beans from Papua New Guinea roasted in Eastern, NC. Distinctive for its rich acidity, and strong aroma.

WEAR: Freebirds by Steven are the hottest shoes on the market. Sign up and get a discount for your first pair!

WEAR: The very best leggings I’ve ever worn. Spanx did it right. We knew they would! All styles and colors. One look and your butt and you’ll be happy you spent the money. Worth every penny.

WANT: I buy one of these for someone every year! The Thumbprint Photo Box includes 4x4” prints (10 mounted or 50 unmounted) with four easels for a classic display. The box is made of maple wood with a slide top and Prints are available on E-Surface, Metallic or True Black & White paper.

READ: You just hit the jackpot. A paperback copy of How NOT to be a Miserable Cow AND a Miserable Cow Mug. Free sample of Afternoon Delight Coffee with every purchase!

WANT: People send me messages almost every single day asking for a great solution for a camera at a reasonable price. If you are looking for something above a point and shoot camera with amazing low-light and video capabilities THIS is your girl. I use this camera almost everyday because it’s lightweight, requires no fuss for a great picture AND shoots 4K video!

NEED: I bought one of these for my husband Nick on a whim because we travel so much we go through bags on the regular. I was so in love with it, I had to get one for myself. It’s the perfect weekend roller. Fits in the overhead, and has the perfect amount of pockets and compartments to keep things simple!

WANT: For your decorative, plant lover types. Keep your little green friends in a fancy new home!

NEED: This Authentic Himalayan Natural salt lamp is hand carved from salt from the Himalayan Mountains. Once lit the lamp releases negative ions purifying the surrounding air which calms the nerves, revitalize cells for a holistic experience. 

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